Guide to Rimonim Hybrid Services

This is a work-in-progress, revised August 4, 2023 4:37 AM

What is a Rimonim Hybrid Service?

First of all, EVERYBODY is invited to attend and lead, whether in person (Ansche Chesed, 6th floor) or on ZOOM.

Other than that, here are the distinguishing features of Minyan Rimonim:

Guide for the Shamash

On 6th floor, check for the presence of:

AC also provides:

We'd also like to have a music stand for Ilana

Take out from the bottom of the aron:

After the service, please collect

and put them in the purple envelope. Put the following under the aron:

General Notes For Davening Leaders

Leading Shacharit

(the way Nos does it)

Birchot haShachar

Rimonim services start at 10am sharp!

  1. Begin at Mah Tovu (I sing the whole thing)
  2. After be-emet yishecha: skip to Morning Blessings (I chant them all)
  3. After et-shimcha barabim: skip to Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habayit L'David (Ps 30)
  4. (If we have a minyan) Mourner's Kaddish

P'sukei D'Zimra

  1. Baruch She-amar (I sing)
  2. After m'hulal batishbachot: do two or more Psalms
  3. After the Psalms: skip to Ashrei
  4. After mei-atah v'ad olam heleluya: do zero or more Psalms
  5. After the optional Psalms: skip to Ps 150
  6. After Ps 150: skip to Nishmat
  7. After chei ha-olamim: continue with . . .
  8. (If we have a minyan) Chatzi Kaddish

Shacharit (Beginning with Sh'ma Uvirchoteiha)

  1. (If we have a minyan) Bar'chu
  2. Yotzeir, then keep going . . .
  3. After gaal yisrael: Silent Amidah
  4. (If we have a minyan) Reader's Repetition, including Priestly Blessing
  5. After oseh shalom . . . kol yisra-eil v'imru amein: you may add a niggun
  6. (If we have a minyan) Kaddish Shaleim

Taking out the Torah — If we have a minyan

  1. Ein Kamocha
  2. After l'tov ul'chayin v'lishlam amein: Sh'ma
  3. After ki kadosh Adonai eloheinu: You're done!

Torah service

Led by the Gabbai.

Leading Musaf

You begin immediately after the DT.

  1. (If applicable) Birkat haChodesh
  2. If we have a minyan:
  3. If we don't have a minyan:
  4. After oseh shalom . . . kol yisra-eil v'imru amein: you may add a niggun
  5. (If we have a minyan) Kaddish Shaleim
  6. Ein Keiloheinu
  7. Aleinu
  8. (If we have a minyan) Mourner's Kaddish
  9. Announcements (NOT YOU)
  10. Adon Olam



Credit: Mainly Iris